Sample Technology Grants

As a participant in one of the U.S.G.G. Grant Writing Workshops, you will receive copies of sample technology grants including ones from unlikely sources such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and small private foundations in rural communities.
U.S. Government Grants has expertise in writing technology grants and shares a variety of sample technology grants in its workshops. Its founder and lead instructor, Beverly Santicola, has a track record of success in developing technology grants for elementary-secondary education, healthcare, science, economic development and labor-management cooperation. With an average of one million dollars in grant awards each year, Santicola shares ideas, information and sample technology grants she has authored that have:

  • Established community technology centers in schools. (Sample technology grants in workbook)
  • Increased interest and learning outcomes in science and citizenship.
  • Increased learning outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Promoted labor-management cooperation. (Sample technology grants in workbook)
  • Encouraged economic growth. (Sample technology grants in workbook)
  • Advanced professional development.
  • Increased access to healthcare.
  • Facilitated early detection of breast cancer.

Sample technology grants provided in the workshops present ideas for technology training grants, curriculum grants, equipment grants, grants for hardware and software, telecommunications grants, professional development grants, and grants for qualified personnel to administer technology grant projects. Listed below are just a few sample technology grants that are identified in E-School News. Keep in mind, sometimes website addresses change. If the links below do not work for you, kindly let us know.


Grant Title: Allstate Foundation Grants
Organization: The Allstate Foundation
Eligibility: Schools
Value: Up to $10,000

The Allstate Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations, including public K-12 schools, for projects that are related to automobile and
highway safety, homes and neighborhoods, and personal safety and security. Under the personal safety and security initiative, programs
that raise awareness of poverty, child abuse, drugs, and violence prevention are eligible for consideration. Applicants should offer
safeguards against gangs, guns, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. Grants typically range from $5,000 to $10,000. There are no



Grant Title: American Honda Foundation Grants
Organization: American Honda Foundation
Eligibility: Schools and youth-focused nonprofit organizations
Value: Between $10,000 and $100,000 per award

The American Honda Foundation makes grants of $10,000 to $100,000 to K-12 schools, colleges, universities, trade schools, and other youth-focused
nonprofit organizations for programs that benefit youth and scientific education. The foundation is seeking programs that meet the following
characteristics: imaginative, scientific, creative, humanistic, youthful, innovative, and forward-thinking. Grant applications are accepted four times per year: Nov. 1, Feb. 1, May 1, and Aug. 1. 


 For more information on sample technology grants or U.S.G.G. Grant Writing Workshops call 1-866-843-3493 or e-mail

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